Streets of depression 60th Acropolis Rally Newroz 2014 European day against racism Seventeen rooms, seventeen bands, one hour

Streets of depression

photos: Argyris Vavouyios


Α photographic narration of a disappointing change. (more…)

60th Acropolis Rally

Photos: Konstantinos Malkopoulos


Running for a 60th time in 2014 and back in the ERC for the first time since 1968,
the Acropolis Rally (more…)

Newroz 2014

photos: Spyros Tsakiris


The Kurdish community of Athens celebrating today the new years eve for 2014.

European day against racism

photos: Spyros Tsakiris


Protest in the Athenian center during the European day against racism.

Seventeen rooms, seventeen bands, one hour

photos: Spyros Tsakiris

17 rooms of the abandoned hotel Pindaros, on the Sophocleous street, in the center of Athens, inside these rooms 17 bands play together simultaneously for one hour. A holistic musical experiment. (more…)

Parthenon, a mutilated monument

Photos and text: Argyris Vavouyios

 “… You have to understand what the Parthenon Marbles mean to us. It is our pride. Our sacrifices.The ultimate symbol of nobility. (more…)


Photos : Eva Bogri, Clairy Moustafellou

The carnival parade of Metaxourgeion/Athens is an alternative, multicultural feast, which happens in the framework of carnival feast in Athens’ city center. (more…)

The color: RED

Photos : Argyris Vavouyios, Spyros Tsakiris, Eva Bogri, Vassiliki Kakavia, Venia Karolidou, Giannis Livanos (more…)

Smoked Thursday in Varvakios meat market, Athens.

Photos: Venia Karolidou

In order to celebrate the so called Tsiknopempti (Smoked Thursday), the union of bouchers of the central meet market of Athens, decided to grill chicken and to offer it together with bread and wine to the citizens who would pass from there. (more…)

MDM-”"Free Health for the Uninsured”

Photos : Venia Karolidou

On the occasion of the International meeting of the members of the Network of Doctors of the World and the Greek Presidency of the European Union, the Presidents of MDM – Médecins du monde ) from Greece ( Dr Anna Maillis ) , (more…)

Rallies and protests in memory of Alexis Grigoropoulos

Photos: Argyris Vavouyios, Spyros Tsakiris, Evangelia Spiliotopoulou, Orestis Seferoglou, Stelios Stefanou

Rallies and protests today in Athens during the 5th unniversary of the murder by a policeman of the 15 years old student Alexis Grigoropoulos in 2008.

Where all meals meet: Varvakios agora

Photos: Evangelia Spiliotopoulou, Argyris Vavouyios

Almost in the heart of the city, in Athinas street, the Varvakios meat and fish central market stands there since 1886 (more…)

Athens 31st classic marathon

Photos: Dimitris Sideridis, Dionisis Kalimeris

Police invasion at Public National Television (ERT)-updated

Photos: Spyros Tsakiris, Dimitris Sideridis, Stelios Stefanou, Dionisis Kalimeris

07/11-Today at 4:20 in the morning, riot police with the presence of a prosecutor invaded at the building of Greek national public television (ERT). (more…)

Greek far-right Golden Dawn party members shot dead

Photos: Orestis Seferoglou, Alexnadros Michailidis, Stelios Stefanou


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